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Bankruptcy Attorney
Stop Foreclosure
Stop High Payments!

Lower or eliminate

payments you cant afford!


Using Chapter 13 we can stop your foreclosure and protect your house!

We are here to help.

Contact us today!


Stop Repossession
Stop lawsuits and Garnishments
Stop Bill Collector Phone Calls
Stop Repossession!

using Chapter 13 we can stop your repossession and even get your car back if it has been repossessed!


Bankruptcy will stop garnishments in their tracks!

Stop Creditor 

Bankruptcy will put the law on your side and stop creditor harassment immediately!


and Reviews

Very professional staff! They handled my case quickly and discreetly!

(5 out of 5 Stars)

Everyone in the office is always great and very sweet. I always enjoy calling.


I am sending everyone I know to (y’all) ! Chris is so wonderful, every time I call he remembers me right away. He is just so sweet! You can tell Chris is such a genuine person.

I have never been in an attorneys office, doctors office, or any other business that was as kind as you guys have been to me.

I appreciate y’all.  It’s just nice to know y’all are always here when I need you.

Thanks so much for your quick reply. It is a pleasure working with this firm!

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All your questions answered by our attorney.

True $0.00 Down Bankruptcy!
Most bankruptcy attorneys will advertise "$0.00 down", to start the paperwork on your case but will not file your case until the attorney is paid.  We don't play that game. We feel that advertising $0.00 down and not filing the case is misleading because a bankruptcy is only effective once it is filed.
If you meet the qualifications we will file your case for absolutely $0.00 down!
Call 706-291-7060 now or email us below to meet with us!

Thanks! Message sent.

Qualifications for True $0.00 Down Bankruptcy
You must need, want, and be eligible for a chapter 13 bankruptcy. You must be employed or on social security and have steady reliable income sufficient to make a chapter 13 work and you must have the type of case that my firm accepts (most cases are).  
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