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Stop Repossession In its Tracks!


I am behind on my car, and I cant catch up.  What do I do?

Worrying about losing your vehicle can keep you up at night. The creditor just does not understand. You WANT to pay them and you NEED your vehicle, but they just wont work with you. If you lose your vehicle how will you get to work? how will you get the kids to school, how will you go to the doctor or go shopping? 

What do you do?

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is the answer.  The moment your case is filed most or all of your monthly bills are combined into one payment and your vehicles can no longer be repossessed.  Many times all of your debts combined will only cost slightly more than your regular car payment.

Bankruptcy is meant to provide stability, security and peace of mind.

I'm behind on my car, but I dont want to file bankruptcy.  What other options do I have?

Not many.  A vehicle The creditor can repossess at any time as soon as the first payment is missed.

However, most creditors will wait at least until the second or third payment is missed before they began repossession.

In order to protect your vehicle you need to act as soon as possible before the payments get too far behind.

Help! they have just repossessed my vehicle!  What do I do? Can I get it back?

Act Quick!  Call us now at 706-291-7060 for a free no obligation consultation. 

After a car has been repossessed the creditor will usually wait at least 10 days before they sell the car.

If the creditor does not wait the necessary 10 days then they cannot sue you for the difference once the car is sold.  Most creditors do not want to lose the right to collect the difference, so they will wait the 10 days.

We can turn this 10 day waiting period to our advantage! If you call us immediately then we will be able to file a bankruptcy case before the 10 days is up and the bankruptcy law will require the creditor return the vehicle to you!

Don't Wait!

Call us today to Protect your car with

Chapter 13!


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