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Your Trenton Bankruptcy Attorney

If you live in or around Trenton Georgia and need an experienced bankruptcy attorney then give us a call or send us an email.


We have filed many cases for clients who live in the Trenton area and we represent clients from all over Dade County, including Rising Fawn, Trenton. Wildwood. Davis, West Brow, New Salem, New Home


The bankruptcy law requires that cases be filed in the proper “venue”.  In most cases, proper venue means that that a case has to be filed in the proper courthouse based on county of the Debtor’s residence.  Bankruptcy cases for residents of Trenton and Dade County Georgia should be filed in the United States Bankruptcy Court Northern District of Georgia, Rome Division.


Remember: if you have been sued or garnished through the Dade County Magistrate Court or Dade County Superior Court then bankruptcy may be the answer to your problems!


Call us today to get help with:

Creditor harassment





or just too many bills!



We have 3 offices to serve you;



Fort Oglethorpe/Ringgold

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